Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy Training

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Thomas Institute of Hypnosis Certification Program. If you have further questions or would like additional details about our program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Who should attend the program?

1. Individuals looking for new opportunities. Today, with more people seeking self-help and alternative modalities, the need for certified hypnotherapists is increasing every year. 2. Anyone considering using hypnosis in conjunction with their current occupation, including nurses, teachers, counselors, physicians, psychologists, massage therapists, police officers, sales people, and other professionals. A Certificate of Attendance for CEU/Contact Hours is available for you to submit to your organization. 3. Individuals simply looking for an avenue to improve their own personal lives. They may also work with their own children, friends, and other family members in the area of stress, smoking cessation, weight loss, learning issues, and self-confidence. 4. NGH-Certified Hypnotherapists seeking additional knowledge and training. We are happy to open up our certification classes to NGH-certified hypnotherapists (who are up-to-date with their member dues) at a special rate. Please contact us for details.

Are there any training prerequisites?

It has been found that past training plays a very small role in one’s ability to use hypnosis effectively, so there are no prerequisites.

Will I be capable of learning the material?

Yes! The class is broken down into small segments to ensure that everyone can succeed. And with the Thomas Institute’s Color Coded Hypnosis System© it's easier than ever to put together a complete session from start to finish.

What happens if I miss a class?

With notice, the class may be videotaped. If you miss a class you will receive DVD's from that week. Your instructor as well as the other students will work with you to be sure you are caught up.

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